The History of the Emergence and Development of e-Books

One of the greatest and most helpful inventions of the humankind in the sphere of computer technologies are electronic
books or briefly eBooks. The history of electronic books hits back to the year 1971, to the times, when there was no Internet,
personal computers, and when mobile phones’ size was like a suitcase.

Still, one student, whose name is Michael Hart, had almost unlimited access to the University of Illinois. He had a firm
belief that in future, all people would be capable to read books from not only the paper books, but also electronic ones. Hart
decided to convert into electronic format 10,000 of the most famous masterpieces of the world of literature. This initiative
received name “Gutenberg Project”, after the famous pioneer of book printing. The first book converted into electronic format was
the American “Declaration of Independence”.

This idea became popular and plenty of other contributors joined it. Before 1989, all texts were typed manually. Afterwards,
the developers put to use scanners. This project exists now too and the initiate idea of converting 10,000 examples had been
exceeded long time ago, and has more than 32 million of eBooks.

The next reasonable question was how to read all these books. The first idea was to do that from the screens of computers.
Nevertheless, it has several quite obvious disadvantages even today. First of all, it is very uncomfortable. Secondly, it does
great harm to eyes. It would be better to read eBooks from portable devices.

The pacemaker of multiple developments of different directions famous enterprise Apple was the first that introduced a universal
and portable device, known as Personal Digital Assistant (PDA).It is a specific device with great amounts of functions and one of
them is to read different digital formats. This was just the beginning. Afterwards, there appeared smaller devices, whose main
function was to read electronic books.
Though this idea was held as a very progressive and perspective one, it was not too popular prior the year 2007. The main reason
to that was the problem of “electronic paper”, or also “electronic ink”. However, since 2007, there have appeared special e-readers
with unique displays whose ink does not harm eyes. After this breakthrough, different companies have begun to release their variants
of eBooks one by one, and today we can find any book in digital format.

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